Past Speakers

A list of our previous speakers is detailed here.

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Date Sponsor
Oct-19 Be IQ
Sep-19 Dimensional
Jun-19 KASL
May-19 Bread Street Ward Lord Mayor's Office
May-19 The Art of Connection
Mar-19 Jigsaw Tree
Feb-19 Quant Foundary
Jan-19 Vanguard
Dec-18 Magic Breakfast
Dec-18 Engage Insight
Sep-18 Bordier & Cie UK
Jun-18 CAP Dimensions
May-18 Portfolio Matrix
Apr-18 Chalk Line Tech
Mar-18 CASS Business School
Feb-18 Benchmark Capital
Jan-18 IRG Global
Dec-17 IHCS
Nov-17 Stay Private
Oct-17 Orbis Investments
Sep-17 Storyteller
Sep-17 Yardstick Agency
Jun-17 O3 Insurance
Jun-17 Tenfold Media
May-17 Bordier UK
Apr-17 David Mellor Mentoring
Apr-17 FCA
Mar-17 Alliance Bernstein
Mar-17 Barclays
Feb-17 Training and Consultancy Ltd
Feb-17 Clarke Willmott
Jan-17 Charles Stanley
Dec-16 Solidus
Nov-16 Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
Oct-16 Dynamic Planner
Oct-16 The Lang Cat
Sep-16 Aviva Retirement Solutions
Jul-16 APFA
Jul-16 O3 Insurance
Jun-16 Downing
May-16 7iM
Apr-16 Savings Champion
Mar-16 Stellar Asset Management
Feb-16 Worthstone
Jan-16 oneegroup
Dec-15 Technical Connection
Dec-15 Compliance & Training
Nov-15 Vanguard Asset Management Ltd
Oct-15 Iress Xplan
Aug-15 APFA
Jun-15 Thomas International
May-15 Cooper Day
Apr-15 Vitality Life
Mar-15 Clients First
Feb-15 Vitality
Feb-15 AKG Actuaries
Jan-15 Prudential
Jan-15 FE Analytics

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